From versions older than 3.0.0

This guide shows you how to copy data of the homepage from a version older than 3.0.0 to the latest version.

This guide will help you update your theme from a version older than 3.0.0 to the latest version. If you are using version 3.0.0 or newer, please refer to this guide for more details.

From Mar 1st, 2021 Shopify has sent us (and others who use the Service Worker framework) a note indicating that they will not support the Service Worker Header in the App Proxy. We (along with numerous other application developers in the community) are reaching out to the team there to see what the plan/status is. Recommend to turn off this feature in your theme to avoid the 404 issue. Please refer to this article to do that.

Please note that upgrade can not bring all advance customization works (modified our theme files or app integration) which are done by 3rd apps, our team, or your team. To avoid any risk, you should create a backup of the current theme first.

When our item has a new version, you will receive an updated email from Envato and visit

You can download our theme again and extract it to see the theme upload package (like when you used the previous version). Please follow some steps below to understand how to upgrade our items from the old version to the new version. it takes only 1 minute to update.

If you have customized the old version (such as hiring a developer to write new features or customizing our theme) so that the upgraded version cannot carry these codes, you will need to migrate all the custom code by hand.

1. Step 1: Download the latest package

If you buy our themes from ThemeForest, log in to ThemeForest by the account you have used to buy our theme. Then download the latest theme package. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to this page

2. Step 2: Upload a new theme file from your computer

Extract the package you download in step 1, then browse to the "Theme files" folder. Find and upload the theme file corresponding with the current theme on your site. You can refer to this guide to upload a theme in Shopify.

3. Step 3: Copy the settings from the old theme

Click the "Actions" button of the old theme, chose "Edit code".

Find and open the "settings_data.json" file in the "config" folder.

Then copy all the content of this file.

4. Step 4: Paste the settings into the new theme

Back to Online Store, click the "Actions" button of the new theme which has been uploaded in step 2. Then click "Edit code". Find and open "settings_data.json" in the "config" folder. Replace the content in this file with the content you copied in step 3.

Then find the sections data, find the sections data and remove all sections that have key is not number ( exclude the footer section ). Ex: collection-template, navigation, product-template,...

5. Copy data for the homepage

At the settings_data.json file in the new theme, cut all remaining sections( exclude footer ). Open templates/index.json in the new theme. Replace all sample data in the sections with your data.

Back to settings_data.json in the new theme, cut all data in "content_for_index", back to templates/index.json in the new theme, replace all data in the "order" part by your data.

Then click the Save button.

6. Step 6: copy translation files from the old theme

Back to Online Store, Click the "Actions" button of the old theme, chose "Edit code".

Find and open the Locales folder.

Open and copy the content of the file corresponding with the language you want to move to the new theme. Ex: en.default.json for English, fr.json for French,... Then paste the content you copied to the same file in the new theme.

Please note: If there are custom tasks that I helped you with on the old version, you have to copy all contents from the Assets > custom-css.scss.liquid to the new version.

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